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District Court Report - Premium

Our basic report, covering a single federal district court and focused on a particular nature of suit (e.g. general contract, insurance, RICO, etc.), includes breakouts by court division and individual judge. 

Answers the three questions:

1. What are the odds of winning,

2. How long do these cases last, and

3. How much do these cases cost?

Each report compares case win rates in the selected nature of suit for the selected district with the corresponding nationwide numbers. Case win rates are broken out into overall win rates (includes consent and default judgments), contested win rates (does NOT include consent and default judgments), and trial win rates.  

Times to termination for all cases, cases with judgments, and trial judgments are included.

Each report also has damage award (average and median) and typical litigation expenses information for the selected nature of suit and district.  

Premium version includes summary judgment, preliminary injunction, and transfer motion information, along with complete case outcome information for the selected district and nature of suit.  Data current at least to current calendar quarter.

All reports are in the same format, which is shown in the sample. 

District Court Report - Premium

$ 995.00